What Causes Swollen Legs and Ankles?

What Causes Swollen Legs and Ankles?

Main Causes of Swollen Legs and Ankles

Have you ever experienced swollen legs or ankles? If so, you’ve likely found how hard it can be to walk, stand, or perform basic activities that involve movement.

Swollen legs and ankles can be caused by many different factors. In most cases, the swelling of legs and ankles can be due to sitting at your job for long periods of time or from health-related issues. During moments of swelling, muscles are inactive and cannot pump body fluids back to the heart. As a result, water and blood retention begins to form and leaves your legs and ankles feeling heavy.

While these may be the reason for your swollen legs and ankles, other common factors that cause swelling to occur are:

  • Medication Side Effects leading to water retention in the legs, ankles, and feet
  • Injuries or Infection to the foot or ankle which causes increased blood flow to the area
  • Lymphedema caused by removal or damage to lymph nodes from cancer treatments
  • Venous Insufficiency caused by improper blood flow from leg vein valves to the heart
  • Preeclampsia which causes high blood pressure to develop in some pregnant women after 20 weeks

The best solution to relieve your swollen legs and ankles is to elevate your legs when lying down, reduce your salt intake, avoid wearing restrictive clothing and shoes, and to move around at least once every hour. Doing so will reduce the build-up of water and blood in these areas to provide you with much-needed relief. And if you’re feeling up to it, a trip to UZURI’s nail and foot spa will help alleviate your swelling with a relaxing reflexology massage or Aquaroll treatment.

As always, if the swelling persists, it’s best to consult a doctor who can pinpoint the exact cause of your swollen legs and ankles.

Relieve Your Swollen Legs and Ankles at UZURI

Want to soothe your swollen legs and ankles? Visit UZURI to receive a relaxing treatment to calm your tired and swollen legs, ankles, and feet. We’ll help improve your blood circulation and joint mobility, to get you back on your feet. Book an appointment online now – your body will be thankful you did!

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