“Our mission is to combine luxury, beauty and sophistication in an environment that evokes unsurpassed elegance, engages tranquility and pleases the aesthetic senses naturally. UZURI will offer the discerning gentleman and lady of style unsurpassed hand and foot treatments. The modern woman will be surrounded by an atmosphere of luster and charm, while the judicious gentleman is pampered in a unique salon setting featuring rustic industrial appointments.”



Founded by Dr. Regina Flippin and her husband Eric Bland in 2016 out of desire to offer a safe and luxurious hand and foot spa experience for the discriminating man and modern woman.  Dr Flippin is a Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon with over 20 years experience.  On a daily basis she was faced with patients who obtained severe fungal and bacterial infections from nail salons.  There have been times that her diabetic patients and those with circulation issues had infections so severe that amputations were required, all due to inexperienced, unsanitary nail salons.

UZURI Our Commitment


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Should you have a concern about the quality of your treatment, please notify our Spa Coordinator prior to leaving.

UZURI Trained Nail Technicians


Our Team

All of our nail technicians have undergone additional training with a Podiatrist and/or Dermatologist and are Medical Nail Technicians. They have undergone extensive training in providing for those with diabetes and circulation issues to better ensure the safety of all.

Standards & Excellence

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier luxury nail salon for ladies and gentlemen in the entire Caribbean. UZURI offers state-of the-art hand and foot spa treatments. We are dedicated to offering a line of natural, vegan and/or organic spa products that surpass the most popular and widely used products on the market today. UZURI will feature products that nourish, strengthen and fortify the hands, feet and natural nail. Our goal is to not only meet the most rigid standards in the industry but to exceed them in quality, price and wearability.

Uzuri Hand & Foot Spa