UZURI Luxury Hand & Foot Spa


UZURI ( /yoo-zuri/ ) beauty, grace, a combination of qualities, shape, color and form that is aesthetically pleasing, especially to the eye.

For the Discriminating Man and Modern Woman


Our mission is to combine luxury, beauty and sophistication in an environment that evokes unsurpassed elegance, engages tranquility and pleases the aesthetic senses naturally. UZURI will offer the discerning gentleman and lady of style unsurpassed hand and foot treatments.

St. Croix

Enhance your stay in the Virgin Islands

We provide flawless nails without flawed ingredients. We use Dazzle Dry nail lacquer that dries rock hard in 5 minutes without the use of ultraviolet light and lasts up to 3 weeks. UZURI luxury hand and foot nail spa is born out of a sincere understanding, knowledge and passion for the holistic well-being of the body and the impact that the hands and feet play as part of the whole.


Expert Hand & Foot Care


UZURI was founded by Dr. Regina Flippin and her husband Eric Bland in 2016 out of a desire to offer a safe and luxurious hand and foot spa experience for the discriminating man and modern woman. Dr. Flippin is a Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon with over 20 years of experience.

Uzuri Hand & Foot Spa