The Benefits of a Foot Reflexology Massage

The Benefits of a Foot Reflexology Massage

Why You Should Invest in a Foot Reflexology Massage

When your feet are tired and sore, nothing is more soothing than a foot reflexology massage. This holistic healing therapy has been around for centuries and was commonly used by ancient Chinese practitioners to clear blocked energy channels that are believed to be connected to the organs, nerves, cells, and muscles.

Today, trained technicians in foot reflexology can pinpoint problems you may be suffering from, such as stress, blockages, and imbalances. They’ll apply pressure to key reflex zones along your foot to alleviate some ailments and induce healing by releasing toxins.

Foot Reflexology Chart

Let’s look at how a¬†foot reflexology massage¬†benefits your feet and overall health.

Helps Blood Circulation

Deep kneading along the foot’s arch and pulling on the toes helps circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body to reach the organs. As a result, you’re able to help increase your metabolism and encourage the organs to operate efficiently.

Relieves Chronic Foot Pain

If you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, arthritis, flat foot, or diabetic neuropathy, you’ve likely found how difficult it can be to perform basic foot movements. Pain and discomfort caused by these foot problems can be soothed with a foot reflexology massage. A trained technician will manipulate pressure strategically to different areas of the foot and heel to calm tension so that you can be up on your feet in no time.

Promotes Better Sleep

Your feet are constantly under stress and exposure to the elements, causing discomfort which can impact how you sleep at night. Foot reflexology massages can target an area on the sole called the insomnia point. A trained technician will apply firm and deep pressure to this point that will ground your energy and release built-up tension. Now, when you rest your head at night, you’ll be able to fall fast asleep.

Experience UZURI’s “Feel-Good” Reflexology Massage

Relax your sore, tired feet with an UZURI signature Reflexology Massage. This deep healing treatment applies pressure to specific reflex zones on the feet to target and clear blocked energy channels in nerve endings, muscles, and organs. Book your appointment online today!

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