Is Your Nail Salon Safe? Here's What to Know

Is Your Nail Salon Safe? Here’s What to Know

Nail Salon Safety Measures to Look Out For

Trips to nail salons leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Yet even the nicest salons pose a high risk of spreading infection. Sometimes nail technicians can nick and cut your skin and nails without even knowing it, leaving your hand or foot wound open to bacteria, fungi, and virus exposure. So, when it comes to creating a sanitary environment, nail salon safety plays an essential role in protecting the customers’ health. Here are our top safety tips for the next time you visit the nail salon to better decrease your risk of getting an infection.

One-Use Towels & Tools

Always make sure your salon uses single-use filers and buffers, clean towels, and manicure mats for every client. Don’t be afraid to ask the nail technician to open a package in front of you with the single-use tools and to watch them throw it away after your manicure or pedicure.

Frequent Sanitizing

Nail salons must go above and beyond for every client’s hygiene, safety, and comfort by sterilizing all foot baths, tools, and high-touch surfaces after each use. To thoroughly sterilize all instruments and tools, using an autoclave is the only safe bet to 100% kill infective organisms. Instruments and tools are exposed to high pressure and steam at 134 degrees Celsius (273.2 degrees Fahrenheit) to ensure the highest level of hygienic safety.

Proper Hygiene

When you are at the nail salon, hand to hand contact is always happening. To avoid the spread of germs, you and the nail technician should perform hand hygiene before the beginning of a manicure. If you are receiving a pedicure, the nail technician should perform hand hygiene before touching your feet. After this, they then can clean your feet before moving forward with the pedicure. The nail technician must also wear gloves for any manicure and pedicure services, and perform hand hygiene before using new gloves and after removing them.

Don’t Shave Beforehand

A vital tip many people forget is that you should never shave your legs 24 hours before receiving a pedicure. Newly shaved legs can have tiny nicks or cuts scattered about that you can’t see, leaving you susceptible to infections, bacteria, and viruses. Your best solution is to wait and shave your legs after your appointment.

Voice Your Concerns

If something doesn’t look or feel right, voice your opinion. Not only will you be protecting yourself, but other customers from potential issues as well.

Get the Lowdown on Footbaths

Microorganisms may linger within the jets of a whirlpool footbath. It’s important to speak to the salon supervisor to ensure pipe-free whirlpools are used.

Look for a License

Every nail salon you go to must be licensed. The license means the salon is equipped to perform manicure and pedicure services in a clean and safe environment. However, this does not guarantee the salon will follow safety measures. That is why you must complete your due diligence by ensuring the salon you go to is always sterilizing tools, frequently cleaning high touch point surfaces, and following all nail salon safety protocols.

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