Get Sandal Ready for Summer with a Fresh Pedicure

Get Sandal Ready for Summer with a Fresh Pedicure

4 Fresh Pedicure Tips to Get Sandal Ready for Summer in St. Croix

Slip into your favorite sandals—it’s almost summertime!

As the seasons change from spring to summer, it’s time to polish off your toes and feet with a fresh pedicure from UZURI. Make the most of the warmer weather by getting your feet sandal ready with these four fresh pedicure tips.

1. Schedule a Pedicure

When the warm season starts to approach St. Croix, we recommend getting a pedicure to ensure your feet are ready to show off in your favorite flip-flops, wedges, and sandals. It’s essential to schedule a pedicure every month to ensure your feet are healthy and look their best.

2. Choose the Right Polish

We believe that no matter your skin tone, you can rock any shade on your nails! However, certain colors may enhance your natural and radiant beauty more than others.

If your complexion has warmer and darker undertones, we recommend choosing colors like bold peach, bright pink, radiant orange, and feel-good yellow. For cooler undertones, colors like mint green, lavender rose, ruby red and navy blue are always a great compliment.

3. Care for Your Pedicure at Home

Looking after your feet at home is easy once you’ve had a professional pedicure. We recommend applying a soothing cream on your feet at nighttime to keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

After swimming in the ocean, taking a shower, or working out, you should thoroughly dry your feet and toes. Doing so will prevent foot fungus, odor, and diabetic-related foot issues from occurring. If you notice your feet are becoming a little dry, an exfoliating foot scrub will do the trick to clean off any loose skin.

4. Maintain a Fresh Pedicure at the Beach

Living in St. Croix offers many incredible benefits, especially having a crystal-clear aqua blue ocean to swim in. If you’re heading to the beach, it’s vital you apply SPF on your feet and an extra top coat layer over your toenails to help prevent the nail polish color from fading. An extra layer will also protect your toenails from chipping, scratches, and dings.

Ensure Your Feet are Sandal Ready with UZURI Hand & Foot Spa

Are your feet sandal ready for the summer season? Visit UZURI in St. Croix to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating pedicure treatment in our Luxury Spa Room or Gentleman’s Room. Choose either our Wellness Spa Pedicure or Signature CBD Pedicure to refresh your tired feet. Schedule your pedicure appointment online today!

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