Feet Always Hurt? Try Healing Massage Therapy

Feet Always Hurt? Try Healing Massage Therapy

4 Healing Massage Therapy Treatments to Soothe Foot Pain

Our feet are used every day, from the moment we wake up to the second we fall asleep. While feet are crucial towards one’s mobility and holding the weight of our body, they’re often the least pampered.

If your feet always hurt, experiencing a healing massage therapy treatment is beneficial to soothe the pain. Not only will it keep your feet strong and flexible, but it will also promote good physical and physiological health.

Let’s look at four signature UZURI healing massage therapy treatments for your feet that are sure to have them feeling relieved and pain-free in no time.

Reflexology Massage

Soothe and recover your tired feet with an UZURI Reflexology Massage. This relaxing healing massage therapy treatment targets specific reflex points on the feet to alleviate pressure, muscle tension, and improve circulation. During the treatment, your feet will experience deep kneading of the skin and muscles with repeated pressure and manipulation. This will clear blocked energy channels and induce your feet to heal.


If you’re looking to reinvigorate your feet, ankles, and legs with instantaneous relief, pamper yourself with UZURI’s Aquaroll treatment. This healing massage therapy treatment uses over 30,000 beads to provide a dynamic massage to key reflex zones. You’ll experience various innovative massage combinations, including hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, pressotherapy, friction, padding, kneading, and percussion.

Signature CBD Pedicure

When your feet and legs are tired, experiencing an exclusive Signature CBD Pedicure will instantly soothe away any irritation and calm the skin. UZURI’s exclusive healing foot pedicure uses CBD hemp-derived cannabis seed oil to moisturize the skin and a CBD hemp scrub to exfoliate and deodorize the feet. Feet and legs are comforted with healing massage therapy, finishing with a signature CBD hemp oil to further hydrate the skin. This treatment is ideal for individuals suffering foot or ankle pain and tired, dry, callused, or cracked heels and feet.

Medical Foot Facial

Hydrate and rejuvenate your tired feet with UZURI’s Medical Foot Facial. This signature treatment is perfect for those suffering from tough skin, thick calluses, corns, roughness, dryness, and cracked heels.

During the 150-minute treatment, your feet will experience nourishing foot soaks, exfoliation, peels, therapeutic foot massages, callus treatments, and more. After the treatment, you’ll receive full-size products—$100 value—to use at home with detailed instructions on how to maintain your foot health.

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